Isle sur la Sorgue.

Oh, the treasure hunt that awaits us all in Isle sur la Sorgue!  This beautiful little town sits quite literally in the middle of the Sorgue river (its name means “island on the Sorgue”) and is lovely even without being the European antiques capital.  You can actually get information on a walking tour of all the waterwheels that surround it which contributed to its being a major producer of wool and silk and other goodies, but that’s not really the main reason for our early Sunday morning venture.  

We’re going for the market.

I do love a good market in France!  There will be abundant fresh produce and cheeses and fresh eggs (possibly with the chicken responsible for laying them in a cage right under the table), and lavender products galore.  Back when I was working in France, I appointed myself the weekly market envoy for my small office- I was indeed willing to be the person who obtained roast chicken and vegetables for all from the small stand that was a regular market feature. I’m generous like that, you see (either that or I LIVED for the sensory feast of colors and smells and sounds that the market provided!) And when I lived in Burgundy with my family, I did not miss a market day in the nearby town of Saint-Honoré-les-Bains. The cheese stall there was unparalleled, and I credit the kind man who ran it as my main source of education in all things French cheese.

And yes, there will be all of that at the Isle sur la Sorgue market. But there will be so much more as well. Because Isle sur la Sorgue, as I mentioned above, is considered by many to be the antiques capital of Europe.

Let’s repeat that last sentence for emphasis: ISLE SUR LA SORGUE IS THE ANTIQUES CAPITAL OF EUROPE. And we’re going.

Yes, friends, indeed they can ship those antiques you’re going to buy. I’m so glad you asked.

So let’s just cut right to some pictures, shall we? Because this place, well, you have to see it to believe it.

Not the place to be watching your carb intake.
Dried lavender and herbes de Provence.
Yes, please.

Raise your hand if you want to go antiques shopping in France.

Kirsten knows how it’s done.
So many treasures.
And odds and ends.
In addition to the weekly stalls (up to 350!), there are many permanent dealers here as well.
You can pop inside this beautiful church if you need a moment’s respite from sensory overload.
Don’t forget to look up from antiquing to notice how stunningly beautiful the town itself is.

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